Entrepreneur Live Events

Have you ever looked back on an entrepreneur event and thought to yourself, that was flippin’ awesome? As an event manager and consultant, I get to see the effect a gathering of like-minded humans has on individuals and their business. I’ve seen leaps and bounds from attendees that were inspired to take action and move full steam ahead!

The women that attended are committed and they now have concrete. Taking the action on what they learned and having support among the attendees to encourage each other’s growth is amazing to watch. That’s the honey pot of it all. The feeling the event leaves you with and using that hunger to propel you forward. Allowing that good energy to transform you into greatness! It’s priceless!

I’m sharing this video of an event that did exactly that, From Passion to Profits Live 2016. As a leader, you must have a clear vision of what you want your attendees to walk away with to have this effect. Surrounding yourself with a strong event team is critical to executing on all cylinders. We were blessed to have a solid team for this and people are still buzzing about it 2 months later. This is so much fun for me to watch and stand in gratitude by witnessing it.

Let’s play for a moment and in a world where money nor time is a factor, what would your dream event look like? How many people are you affecting? What is your message to the world? What lights you up about the idea? How about a non-profit event? I would love to hear your dream. Email me or post here. Thanks for playing!! Have a great weekend! ~Vanessa




Event: From Passion to Profits™ Live 2016

Video Directed & Produced: Brooke & Jason Rash at naturallyoutrageouslife.com

Entrepreneur Host: Carolin Soldo at CarolinSoldo.com

Event Manager: Vanessa Cañas @ VanessaCanas.com

Location: Sonesta Coconut Grove, Miami, FL- Sonesta.com